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Mifram Ltd. is a leading multidisciplinary company which successfully combines various industrial activities in Israel and abroad.

The Company was established in 1962 and since then took part in many large national milestone projects.

The Company took part in the erection of the Dimona Nuclear Research Center, the erection and development of Dead Sea Works, significant defense and fortification projects, from the Hermon military post to the fortification of the Knesset building.

Over the years, the Company gained extensive professional experience and became a multidisciplinary experience operating diverse and professional team in various areas of activity. The Company’s advantage is its ability to serve as a one-stop shop to its clients.

The Company is licensed to engage in a wide range of construction activities, both in the field of concrete and in the field of steel works.

Main areas of activity

 Mifram is a multidisciplinary company engaged in a wide range of engineering projects in Israel and across the world. Since it was established, the Company has been engaged in the field of civil engineering, and it is registered as a contractor with the Registrar of Contractors.

Among other projects types, Mifram executes jobs such as: construction and planning of residential buildings, erection and planning of public buildings, erection and planning of industrial buildings, swimming pools, water reservoirs, infrastructure and development projects and a wide range of other civil engineering-related projects.

One of the areas in which the Company specializes is the design and erection of hard-shell dry storage structures, and the erection of industrialized refrigeration facilities, which are built using the worlds’ most advanced sealing technologies.

Importing advanced technologies!

The importing of building technologies is among Mifram’s diverse fields of operations.

As part of its activity in this field, Mifram imports structures and facilities and erects them in Israel in accordance with clients’ requirements, thereby achieving significant savings in erection and construction costs.

Among other things, the Company implements a planning procedure combining imported structures and advanced technologies from various parts of the world, alongside civil engineering infrastructures implemented and executed by the Company’s Israel-based teams.

The Company’s areas of activity include, among other things:

  • Erection of plants and assembly of machines
  • Relocating plants and equipment assembly
  • Erection of steel bridges
  • Erection of sports halls
  • Erection of mobile and modular units
  • Erection of refinery towers
  • Erection of storage tanks
  • Pipeline and development works
  • Damage restoration works
  • Erection of communication towers
  • erection of dry storage facilities
  • Production and installation of gas ducts for various materials
  • Erection of steel infrastructures
  • Erection of steel structures
  • And a wide range of civil, public, governmental, and military projects in which Mifram is involved.

Mifram possesses all the professional knowhow required for planning, manufacturing, executing and completing any engineering project. The Company also holds an unlimited volume licensed contractor status with the Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Registrar of Contractors and Israeli government entities.

The Company is licensed to engage in a wide range of construction, planning and erection activities, both in the field of concrete and in the field of steel works. 

The Company serves as a one-stop shop for its clients; this enables it give its clients services of the highest standard and fully meet the needs and requirements of each and every one of them.