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Complex Projects

We specialize in the management and execution of large infrastructure projects and complex projects for industry

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We successfully executed a variety of special infrastructure projects for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli government and Israeli business entities.

Mifram possesses all the professional knowhow required for planning, manufacturing, executing and completing any engineering project. The Company also holds an unlimited volume licensed contractor status with the Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Registrar of Contractors and Israeli government entities.

Importing building technologies is among Mifram’s diverse fields of operations.

As part of its work in this field, Mifram imports structures and facilities and erects them in Israel in accordance with clients’ requirements, thereby achieving significant savings in erection and construction costs.

Among other things, the Company implements a planning procedure combining imported structures and advanced technologies from various parts of the world, alongside civil engineering infrastructures implemented and executed by the Company’s Israel-based teams.

The Company’s professional knowhow, its advanced equipment and multidisciplinary experience in supporting the design, development, building and erection of projects give the Company the professional capabilities to successfully meet any challenge and execute any project.

Mifram specializes in management and erection of large-scope projects.

In recent years the Company executed a number of large and complex infrastructure projects for leading Israeli entities and institutions.

Among those projects are:

  • Installing a defense system on top of the Knesset’s (Israeli parliament) roof – a complex and unique project executed within a very short period of time without interrupting the normal course of activities of the Knesset and its institutions.
  • Erecting the nationwide network of Better Place’s service stations for its electric cars.
  • Erecting the large cargo terminal at Beg Gurion Airport.
  • Building and positioning a state-of-the-art low pressure chamber that significantly improved the level of security in outbound flights from Israel.

All of the above projects are large-scope multidisciplinary projects which are executed and managed to the highest standard by Company’s managers and employees.

All your metal work and metal fabrication needs under one roof
A multinational company working on projects in Israel that involve extensive metal and metal fabrication works faces a wide range of problems: logistics, labor, sub-contractors, machinery, materials, local & government bureaucracy, safety standards etc.

Some of these problems can be addressed by the company, others require the intervention of a local firm – but in both the short and the long term, working ion close collaboration with a local metal fabrication company such as Mifram, is in the best interests of the company and the project.

Mifram – Over 50 years of international cooperation

Since its establishment in 1962, Mifram has worked in close collaboration with many governments and international companies.

These include the US State Department, Unites States Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines, the FBI, KBR, Elbit Systems, Ratheon, the United Nations, the Japanese army, French Customs & Excise and many national security agencies.

Mifram has also worked with many leading Israeli organizations and companies such as the IDF and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the IAI and the IMI, Elbit, Leumi, HaPoalim and Discount banks, Sapir College, many educational institutions, municipalities and government departments and companies.

Building on over 50 years of experience and expertise, a country wide production and maintenance framework, a team of consummate engineers and skilled craftsmen, fleets of cranes, fork lifts, trucks and stocks of all the equipment needed to execute any project, Mifram is ideally placed to provide a full range of services for any project – small or large, simple or complex.

When we add to this, Mifram’s extensive connections with other Israeli contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, its intimate knowledge of Israel’s bureaucracy, its total commitment to quality, speed, safety and cost efficiency – then we have a winning combination that will keep the international contractor’s costs down, ensure adherence to all project specifications and final completion and hand over within budget and on schedule.

Mifram’s Construction and Fabrication Divisions

Mifram is much, much more than “just” a metal work and metal fabrication shop. In over 50 years of close involvement with the development of Israel’s industrial and military sectors, Mifram has been involved in projects that have tested the company to the limits.

Challenges involved in the construction of Israel’s first nuclear reactor in Dimona, the Ashdod Oil refineries, special projects for the IDF and Israel Ministry of Defense, the Israel Port and Rail Authority and many other national infrastructure projects including the design, construction and installation of a ballistic defense protection system for Israel’s parliament building – the Knesset..

Mifram is a multi-disciplinary company capable of providing a range of specialized services to clients in Israel and from abroad. These include:

  • Plant design, erection and expansion: turnkey & Management, Planning, Procurement & Erection projects.
  • Relocation of manufacturing plants including transportation and reinstallation of machinery and equipment, execution of infrastructures and all related work required to bring plant to full capacity.
  • Civil engineering projects including swimming pools, industrial premises, public buildings and housing, underground cable tunnels, bomb shelters, armored and protective structures etc.
  • Preformed & prefabricated steel structures, bridges, elevator shafts, special projects.
  • Mechanical works involving the installation of machinery and peripheral equipment.
  • Manufacture of steel and stainless steel processing equipment.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of pipe, electro mechanical and gas canalization systems, containers and pressure tanks, silos.
  • Plant erection and maintenance services, charged according to time and materials or agreed contractor terms.
  • Design, manufacture and erection of conveying and special handling systems including specialized equipment
  • Mobile structures, guard posts & towers, observation posts & towers, mobile bomb and attack shelters, water towers, aerials, and specialized, on demand structures.
  • Dry storage systems.
  • Rental and maintenance of handling and lifting equipment (fork lifts, cranes etc.) and mechanical engineering equipment.
  • Prefabricated buildings, including specialized dehumidified storage structures.
  • Exclusive agencies for sale, rental and maintenance of leading forklift trucks, machinery and recycling equipment..
  • Mifram’s various can also execute large, on-site projects using state of the art machinery, highly skilled and trained employees and, where necessary, specially chosen, supervised sub-contracting services.
    Since its establishment Mifram has been totally committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, quality and service. In order to achieve this, Mifram employs the very latest technologies, state of the art equipment and employees highly qualified and experienced engineers, designers, planners and craftsmen. Mifram adheres to the very strictest of United States, European and Israeli quality and safety standards and is IS09001 Version 2000 certified.

Mifram ensures that all of its employees are fully trained and aware of all relevant safety measures. The company regularly provides safety workshops for working at heights, firefighting, first aid and other pertinent areas.

Our engineers and technical teams are constantly learning of new developments, attending trade shows and exhibitions both in Israel and abroad to ensure that the materials and methods used in your project are not only the be best and most advanced available – but also the safest.

With a 50 year proven success record, Mifram has excellent relationships with major Israeli companies, local and government agencies and leading financial institutions.

Choosing Mifram as your partner gives you all of Mifram’s accumulated knowledge, skill, experience and connections.

Choosing Mifram as your Israeli collaborator and partner will give you the resources and leverage you need to bring your project, however large, however complex, in on time, within budget and ensure your total satisfaction.

Expert guidance and assistance. In both planning and execution