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Manufacturing lifting solutions, equipment for ports and special transshipment works

Professional preparation work, coordination with the authorities and working round the clock

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Mifram is an authorized contractor for performing special transshipment works, among which:

  • Conveying harbor cranes of up to 1,100 tons, by land and sea.
  • Transportation of especially heavy loads that require special trailers and other special equipment.
  • Transshipment of especially large and high loads, including transshipment works, cranes, and such, as well as coordination with the authorities, such as the Police, the Electric Corporation, the Telephone Company, the Public.
  • Works Authority, and others.
  • In-site conveyance of machinery and other equipment within the factories, by rolling-over special installations, for especially heavy loads.
  • Mifram performs round-the-clock, using large work-teams, requiring preparation, coordination, skill, experience and a proven ability to perform and cope with impossible situations, including completing the job within the required timetable and budget.

Mifram provides special lifting and crane placing solutions, including equipment designed for very heavy loads.

Our slogan is:

  • No equipment is too heavy 
  • No location is impossible 
  • And no transshipment project is too complex 

Mifram is engaged in the planning, production and erection of a range of bespoke transshipment products for various sectors and at large scope, to the satisfaction of its clients.

Among other things, the Company executed projects in the following fields:

  • Transshipment of aggregates and phosphates to many plants, including concrete plants, etc.
  • Transshipment of citrus fruit, tomatoes and vegetables using roller conveyors and water.
  • Bucket elevators for a wide variety of uses, with output of up to 180 tons per hour.
  • Portable conveyors for stacking of raw materials.
  • Conveyors rotating around axes up to 3-freedom degrees.
  • Heavy load conveyors for the aluminum industry that can transship using 2 axes.
  • Fruit and vegetable conveyors for plants operating in the food and preserved food industries.
  • Transporting, linking and sorting conveyors for bottles and other packaging. 
  • Automatic pre-flight luggage sorting system for the Ben Gurion airport.
  • Projects in the field of pneumatic transshipment of powders, solids, granulated materials, cardboard flakes, dust and gas vacuuming, etc.
  • Conveyors for receiving and sorting luggage and cargo.
  • Belt conveyors and screw conveyors.
  • Bespoke projects in the field of transshipment.

Expert guidance and assistance. In both planning and execution