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Production and import of trailers & containers

Mifram designs and manufacturers heavy load trailers, to order

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Mifram designs and manufacturers heavy load trailers, to order.

Mifram is licensed to manufacture trailers and other conveying equipment, without weight limitation, by the Ministry of Transport, under the supervision of the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).

Mifram is also the agent and distributor for several international manufacturers of special containers and tankers for the transportation of milk and other bulk products, at the highest international standards.

Mifram manufactures ramps for the maintenance of heavy equipment, special lifting equipment, container spreaders, tractor and crane buckets, mechanical and hydraulic ramps for container loading and unloading.

Mifram manufactures all-terrain tactical tank-towed tankers for water and fuel.

We have successfully completed the following projects:

  • Israel Ports And Rails Authority -150 container trailers, with dynamic weight of 48 tons and 98 tons static weight, for use in the ports.
  • Road trailers for various loads, up to 48 tons.
  • Mobile units for rough terrain conditions.
  • Container tankers for the transportation of water and fuel, for civiliai and military use.
  • Special trailers, to order, on behalf of several companies and authorities.
  • Special heavy-load trailers.

Mifram’s portable water tank

  • Adapted to a range of terrain conditions.
  • Easily linked to a truck or tank or any other armored vehicle.
  • Can sustain vibrations and jumps.
  • Compliant with all standards required for military use.

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