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Construction of steel bridges

Over 45 years of experience in the construction of large-scale steel bridges

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Mifram has been erecting steel structures and buildings in very large scales since 1962.

  • Mifram holds an unlimited business contractor’s licence, together with a licence to perform a wide variety of “unlimited volume” of works by the Ministry of Defence and other government agencies.
  • Mifram specializes in performing especially complex projects, complete with design anffprocess design, usually in difficult conditions and a technically high level.
  • Mifram has successfully erected steel bridges, with up to 210 meters between fulcrums.
  • Mifram has erected thousands of square meters of steel galleries, as part of several industrial and architectural projects, at the highest level of accuracy and performance, simultaneously with the other development works, and using state-of-the-art equipment and measuring equipment.
  • Mifram also constructs passengers and/or loading steel and stainless steel elevator shafts, steel aerials up to 120 meters, and such.
  • Mifram has signed cooperation agreements with several foreign companies for the design and erection of steel and concrete of bridges, including special counter-lever systems, advanced technology Bailey modular bridges, and more.

Expert guidance and assistance. In both planning and execution