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Civil Contractor

Working in partnership with a local Civil Contractor such as Mifram can streamline the process by eliminating many bureaucratic and legal hurdles, eliminating cultural barriers, cutting costs and generally making it possible to complete the project on time, to specifications and within budget.

Mifram – the ideal partner for all civil engineering projects

The cost of planning and executing any civil engineering project can be huge. A large part of the cost (perhaps the largest) is in equipment and labor. A foreign civil contractor executing a project in Israel is faced with a daunting task.

On the one hand, they will want to bring in their own teams and use their own equipment. On the other hand, the associated costs can rapidly escalate out of all proportion – legal restrictions on the use of foreign workers and permits, costs of bringing in and maintaining employees whilst on the project, shipping of machinery, storage, maintenance costs; the list is endless.

The ideal solution is to partner with an accredited and experienced Israeli civil contractor – Mifram!

Mifram – a one stop shop providing a total solution

Mifram’s experience, resources and connections in Israel are at your disposal. We provide all the services and resources you need to successfully execute any project, regardless of size or complexity.

As an accredited “Unlimited Volume Contractor” Mifram has worked with companies including KBR, Ratheon, Lockheed, Conti and many others and offers you many benefits including:

  • All the equipment needed for project execution – cranes, fork lift trucks, generators, scaffolding, trucks etc.
  • A team of experienced, dedicated and skilled engineers and employees, many of whom have been with the company for over 10 years.
  • Its own metal fabrication plant.
  • Flexibility – we can quickly and seamlessly move equipment from site to site without retarding progress and provide immediate solutions to unforeseen problems.
  • Close contacts with Israeli sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Logistical support.
  • Long and short term financing solutions.
  • 50 years of expertize and recognized excellence.
  • A total commitment to safety and security and adherence to all European and Israeli safety standards.
  • A total commitment to providing the very best, quickly and cost effectively.

Partnering with an Israeli construction contractor

Use the services of an established construction contractor in Israel; a contractor with the experience, the knowledge and the ability to execute even the most complex of projects according to your demands and specification; a contractor with a proven record for handing over completed projects on schedule, within budget and to full spec.

Since 1962 Mifram, based in Haifa and with production facilities and sites spread across Israel, has been one of Israel’s leading construction contractors with experience in many of the country’s major projects often working with large, international companies and conglomerates.

A history of collaboration and cooperation

Mifram’s experience and expertise spans a wide spectrum of industrial areas such as civil engineering, design planning and construction of industrial facilities, plant relocation, manufacture and construction of steel structures, reconstruction works following fires and natural disasters, consultation, management and construction of solid waste recycling plants, erection of steel bridging structures, mobile, modular buildings, watch towers, vehicle barriers, dry storage facilities, pipeline construction, specialized transportation projects, chemical plants, oil refineries and more.

Mifram is one of the few multi-disciplinary construction companies in Israel with a proven track record for working under, with and for foreign companies both in Israel and abroad. As an Unlimited Volume Contractor, Mifram is placed to provide all the services needed for any project – including during the warranty period and after-completion maintenance.

Defense Contractors

For most of the world, the realization that urban population centers have become “legitimate” targets came after 9/11. In Israel this has been a reality since its very first days as a nation over 65 years ago.

Israel’s experience and expertise in dealing with this threat has been put to the test many times – and proven again and again that this small country’s defense contractors are capable of providing innovative solutions to constantly developing and changing threat situations and scenarios.

Mifram’s advantage

  • All of Mifram’s products are developed out of a real and critical need to answer real life situations in which civilian populations and military operatives are under severe threat.
  • All of Mifram’s solutions are developed based on years of experience both in engineering and construction, but also on the experience of the company’s designers, engineers and construction teams, many of whom have held senior positions in IDF elite units and have firsthand experience of both combat situations and urban terror & warfare. Furthermore, many of Mifram’s employees have security clearance and are cleared to work on military bases and projects across the country. They know the importance of information security and secrecy. They know that just one word in the wrong place can have disastrous consequences.
  • All of Miframs defense solutions are field tested, under real-life conditions to ensure that they meet specifications (and even exceed them). All meet ISO 9001 specifications.
  • Many of the company’s solutions demanded innovative solutions, out of the box thinking and the development of new techniques and technologies to meet the challenge. Our highly trained and experienced teams can take your need, your idea, your vision and turn it into a reality – no challenge is to great and, thanks to our dedicated workforce, we have always found solutions to every setback or obstacle; solutions that can be implemented at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable time frame..
  • Mifram is registered as an Unlimited Volume contractor in Israel and with the CCR & ORCA in the United States. The company adheres strictly to all relevant United States, European and Israeli standards for materials, processes and safety.

Unique solutions for unique problems

Israeli ingenuity comes to the forefront in Mifram. Its experience & wealth of knowledge, its teams of highly dedicated and motivated designers, engineers and technicians make Mifram supremely capable of devising and supplying unique solutions for unique problems. One example of this ingenuity is Mifram’s low pressure vacuum chamber.

Aircraft security is a vital aspect of modern aviation. With millions of people flying around the world daily, aircraft are a prime target for terrorists who try to plant pressure sensitive bombs amongst luggage. Mifram has developed a unique solution for this problem – a fortified, low pressure chamber that simulates the low pressures of aircraft holds. Suspicious baggage or freight can be placed in the chamber where the pressure is gradually reduced to simulate the height at which modern aircraft fly. If there is a pressure activated explosive device, it will explode when the appropriate air pressure is reached. The explosion is contained within the chamber and the plane, its crew and passengers can fly without fear.

Military Contractors

Military contractors around the globe are constantly seeking new, cost effective, flexible and efficient solutions to meet rapidly changing security situations, whether in a combat zone or in an urban environment.

Today’s military has to deal with many complex situations that aren’t just confined to the battlefield. The enemy, using new technologies and new strategies, can now strike, not only at front line troops, but also at vital infrastructures and even civilian populations, deep in the heart of the homeland. Urban warfare and terrorism is increasingly prevalent and requires new ways of thinking and innovative solutions to meet the challenges.

Security Contractors

If there is one word in the world today that has taken on vast importance to all off our lives, it is Security. Not security in the financial sense, but physical security and protection from a range of threats that are targeting governments, people and nations across the globe. El Kaida, the Taliban, militant groups in Europe, organized crime, far right extremist groups in the US – the list of organizations who will stop at nothing to attack and harm society goes on and on.

This has placed security contractors worldwide “between a rock and a hard place”. On the one hand, the challenges facing them not only develop rapidly and at different locations, but the enemies tactics and strategies change constantly forcing security contracts to constantly seek new solutions for new situations. On the other hand, in a world of increasing costs and economic recession, the need to cut costs whilst maintaining quality and effectiveness is paramount.

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