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Restoration after natural disasters and fire damage

We place all of our skills resources at your disposal from day one and until restoration is completed

Restoration of fire damages

Restoration of fire damages is a professional process that should commence as soon as the fire is out.  Since heat, sooth and smoke also cause severe damage actions should be taken immediately to neutralize contaminating materials in order to prevent the damage from expanding to areas that were not directly hit by the fire.

Restoration of fire damages is offered both to private home owners whose homes were damaged from a fire and to residential and office towers, industry buildings and businesses, shops and warehouses. The manner of restoration and execution of immediate actions is are determined among other things based on the scope of the fire damage, the industrial environment or residential environment in which the fire started, the scope of contents directly damaged by the fire and more.

How does it happen?

Since fire damages increase at any given moment, even after the fire was put out, it is recommended to use the services of companies specializing in restoration of fire damages as soon as the flames are put out and the fire brigade finished their work in the scene.

Companies that specialize in remediation of fire damages are mostly professional companies specializing in restoration of building in general and restoration after fire damages in particular. Such companies have professional and diverse equipment and professional teams ready to deal with fire damages at the shortest notice.

Mifram is one of the most experienced Israeli companies dealing with restoration of fire damages. Since it was founded in 1962, the Company has been involved in a wide range of complex restoration projects which required its expertise in the restoration of damages and reactivation of damaged plants and facilities in the shortest time possible.

Since the end of the 1970s Mifram has been engaged in the restoration of fire damages and damages caused by natural disasters. The Company’s capabilities as a contractor engaged in erection plants and in the assembly of industrial equipment play an important role in its capacity as a company engaged in the restoration of buildings, or alternatively, demolition of buildings and restoration of the site. This synergy of skill and capabilities turns Mifram into one of the most recommended contractors by insurers entrusted with bringing plants back to work and fully operational after being damaged.

The Company has many years of experience in removal, restoration and renovation after fires and natural disaster and its rich experience and that of its team of professional will be put at your disposal.

Over the years, Mifram’s work teams conducted hundreds of restoration processes in buildings, infrastructures, equipment and facilities that were directly or indirectly damaged by fire and/or storms, snow and more. The Company’s excellent reputation as a company engaged in restoration works stems, among other things, from the immediate availability of the professional equipment used in immediate restoration efforts and its capability to manage restoration projects under pressure while adhering to strict safety protocols and using state-of-the-art methods, the availability of its workforce and its extensive experience in dealing with fire damages. 

The Company has extensive experience in working with government entities, local authorities, the IDF, Israel Prison Service, the police, the United Nations, plants, insurance companies and different organizations in Israel and abroad.

The Company is classified as an unlimited volume registered contractor (C-5), ISO 9001 certified (according to the standard’s latest edition) and certified by international standards institutions. 

Restoration after natural disasters

A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes causing destruction and environmental damage. Among the most common natural processes causing natural disasters are:

  • Geological natural disasters, including earthquakes, snow avalanches, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, mudflows and more.
  • Water-related natural disasters, including floods, tsunami and more.
  • Weather-related natural disasters, including heat and cold waves, hurricane, tornado, floods and more.

In addition, there are fire-related natural disasters (wildfires), biological natural disasters (epidemics and famine), and natural disaster due to outer space-reasons. In Israel, we are mostly exposed to water-related natural disasters, which are mostly caused by floods and mudflows created due to adverse weather and old or inadequate infrastructures.

In the event of an earthquake, Mifram has extensive experience in dealing with sudden mass-casualty events. During such an event, clients will benefit from all of the Company’s capabilities in the field of rescuing, removal of rubble, and erection of temporary infrastructures, alongside the erection of permanent infrastructures, erection of modular units for the transition period that may last several years until the place is fully restored, etc. Mifram has all the tools and experience required for professionally planning and executing projects under tight schedules.

Using the services of a specialist company

As in the case of fire damages, the recovery from natural disasters should also be carried out by specialist companies which have professional knowhow and equipment that can be used for that purpose. One of the most experienced companies in this area of natural disaster damage restoration is Mifram, which started its operations in this area in the 1970s. The Company was established in 1962 and since then took part in many large national milestone projects. 

Over the years, the Company gained extensive professional experience and skills, and started operating in a range of areas, including restoration of damages caused by natural disasters, including fires. In this field, Mifram provides its clients a significant advantage: the combination of its being a contractor and a company specializing in the erection of facilities, buildings and infrastructures, in a fast and professional manner and under extreme conditions.

This advantage is reflected when it is required to renovate buildings after natural disasters or fires, or alternatively when a building should be demolished in order to rebuild it.

Mifram’s cutting edge equipment in combination with the knowhow and skills of its work teams turn it into a leading specialist in the field of restoration from natural disaster damages.

Over the years, Mifram’s teams dealt with tens of cases of restoration from natural disaster and fire damages, and in all of those cases they acted in a highly efficient manner and under tight and critical time tables. Among other things, the Company dealt with restoring buildings damaged in fires, floodingc and even war damages.

Since the 1970s Mifram has been engaged in the restoration of fire damages and damages caused by natural disasters. The Company’s capabilities as a contractor engaged in erection plants and in the assembly of industrial equipment play an important role in its capacity as a company engaged in the restoration of buildings, or alternatively, demolition of buildings and restoration of the site.

This work is carried out under very tight time tables, since in most cases the insurance companies pay shutdown damages. Under these conditions, every day of uninterrupted work made possible due to finishing the restoration project ahead of time is worth a lot of money for insurance companies. 

Mifram has excellent reputation in executing such projects. One of its prominent advantages is the availability of equipment and skilled workforce that can start working at very short notice on the ground thereby saving precious time.

A list of special works carried out by Mifram

  • Evacuation of 8,000 m2 warehouse in a building that was burnt and severely damaged in Haifa Chemicals’ facility, including the removal of thousands of meters of asbestos cement and friable asbestos and recycling some of the damaged materials, alongside controlled demolition of the burnt complex and restoration of adjacent buildings, including replacement of roofs made of corrugated sheets and bacterial cleaning of all the walls from sooth and fire damage.
  • Removal and restoration after fire damages in Keter Plastic’s plant in Karmiel.
  • Extracting and salvaging of machines from a building that collapsed as a result of a snow storm and dismantling the building in the “Odem-Plast” plant in Ramat Hagolan.
  • Restoration after fire of painting workshop in “Tadiran’s” plant in Affula, including re-erection of the painting workshop’s building while continuing the plant’s activities around the damaged area.
  • Overall restoration of the “Dganit Mishmar Hasharon” bakery. Restoration included dismantling of 7,600 m2 of burnt buildings and re-erection within a very tight time table, extraction and salvaging of equipment, installation of equipment, pipelines and ventilation, air-conditioning, energy and other infrastructures.
  • Dismantling and restoration of the “Of-HaEmek” plant after it was burnt.
  • Evacuating and dismantling of “Pri-HaEmek” plant.
  • Evacuating the “Spolam” plant in Tiberias and transferring all of its equipment abroad.
  • Evacuation, restoration and erection of “F-R” in Tiberias including transferring all of its equipment.
  • Evacuation after fire, restoration and re-erection of the “Tnuport” packing facility in Sderot.
  • Evacuation and restoration of Messilot Wire Rope Works’s plant, that was completely burnt.
  • Tower Semiconductor – dismantling a concrete ceiling cast on a structure in clean rooms (with an area of 2,500 m2. The work was carried out carefully and accurately in order to prevent objects from falling on the floor, in combination with special tools specifically designed and manufactured for this project.
  • Dealing with the damages caused to Topup, including salvaging hundreds of tons of goods extracted undamaged and controlled evacuation of complex structures of plant, pipeline, processing machines, tanks and more.
  • Restoration of many flats burnt in the Carmel disaster caused by wildfires.

Recycling of waste and environmental projects 45 years’-worth of experience in making the country cleaner and more environmentally friendly. 

Importing, marketing and distributing equipment for the recycling and waste disposal industry, including technical support.

The Company is engaged in the field of recycling in Israel and in long-term projects and plans for development of recycling programs in a number of countries worldwide.

Mifram is the licensed agent and exclusive representative of a number of companies specializing in environmental issues and solutions, and the exclusive importer of several essential items in the recycling industry.

Expert guidance and assistance. In both planning and execution