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Miframp: The most efficient and popular loading ramp

Proven experience since 1976 – planning and supplying Miframps

  • Intuitive, safe and convenient to operate by forklift operators
  • Special surfaces for forklifts to travel on especially designed to ensure maximum grip and minimal damage to forklift tires at all weather.
  • The ramps selected by the most demanding clients and which underwent the most challenging tests with great success.
  • Retains value when sold as used ramp.
  • Forklifts using the ramps perform better in terms of fuel efficiency and lower wear and tear.
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There’s loading ramps, and there’s Mifram’s loading ramps!

  • Maximum loading weight up to 10 tons.
  • Significant shortening of the loading and unloading time.
  • Has the best sliding factor in the world.
  • Easily and quickly mounted by the forklift.
  • 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing loading ramps.
  • A variety of sizes and models including special dimensions.
  • Saving time and labor worth thousands of dollars a year.
  • Maintains the operator’s back and extends engine life, brakes and forklift tires.

Mifram’s ramp in action!

10 Reasons to Choose Our Ramps

Save on forklift tires

The ramp surface reduces the wear of the forklift tires

Energy saving

The ramp surface reduces the forklift effort on the rise, thus reducing energy consumption and extending the forklift’s useful life.

Winter ready

The ramp surface provides a stronger grip and allows the container and discharge even in winter when the surface is wet or slippery.

Effective loading and unloading

The ramp designed effectively with an emphasis on the different types of trucks and forklifts to use.

Heavy loads ready

The ramp has a carrying capacity of 10 tons. Recently, a new ramp for wide forklifts has been developed at a permissible load of 12 tonnes / 16 tonnes!

Center of mass

The legs are positioned beyond the center of mass, allowing further use of the “40” container ramp even without auxiliary support.


Two speed jacks. Optional manual and electric hydraulic jack

Easy movement

The ramp is portable, efficient and safe. It has a dedicated auxiliary device that allows the forklift to connect with the forklift pitcher and move it in front of it without having to get out of the operator’s seat in the forklift

Suitable for any container and two any containerization methods

The ramp is suitable for all types of containers, including refrigeration containers. The ramp allows loading even when the trailer contains 2 containers and requires unloading both from the front and from the back.

Spare parts

Mifram has undertaken to supply spare parts for the truck for 10 years from the date of manufacture


When transportation is an integral part of the product price, it is important to know how to transport as much as what to transport. The Miframp loading ramp built with innovative methods that guarantee you, the client, a maximum ROI

The “Miframp” is a loading and unloading portable ramp for establishments where there is no discharge dock, and on sites where it is necessary to dismantle containers from both sides of the trailer. In the design and development of the tool, a great deal of thought and knowledge was invested which led to a powerful, efficient and convenient product for transport and operation..

Technical Specifications and Marker Dimensions Model MARK-C
  • A) Overall length: 1,415-1,360 cm
  • Inner width of climbing surface: 150-155 cm
  • Stabilization surface length: 350-375 cm (L1)
  • Stabilization surface width with nose: 385 cm (L2)
  • Gross stabilization surface width: 240 cm
  • Net stabilization surface width: 220 cm
  • Lifting and lowering of the ramp: 190-120 cm (h)
  • Leveling surface length: 150-165 cm
  • Angled plane angle (?): 11.5 ° -7.3 °
  • 1,030 cm Plain length (L)

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And let's adapting the ramp to your need

    Do you need loading? Take Miframp

    Are you out of space?

    The mobile Miframp is the best solution – you can store it in an inactive area, and when needed you can return it to the unloading area. The Miframp is actually a mobile dock.

    Do you need to unload in several locations?

    In large complexes it is not always convenient to unload different types of equipment and goods at the same spot – if until today you had to unload all goods and equipment in a single unloading dock and then transport them again within your complex – the Miframp allows you do unload any goods or equipment exactly where you want to!

    Why is it simply worthwhile?

    Not only because of the transshipment costs (which are considerable!); the “Miframp” provides mobility, conveniences and efficiency in any working environment, such that in addition to the economic savings and the full value for the money you paid, you save on errors, wasted time and double transshipment, and gain operational flexibility.

    Reinventing the ramp

    Mifram built the first ramp shortly after transshipment using containers started in Israel.

    The new Miframp is the result of an innovative design process in which we tested and improved previous ramps and adapted the new ramp to changes in standards, trucks and transport laws; naturally, we also adapted the ramp to the different forklifts. A lot of thought, practical experience (accumulated since 1976) and extensive knowhow were invested in the design and development of the “Miframp”. It is built using innovative methods which resulted with an efficient, easy-to-operate, adjustable and safe product.

    For this reason, a considerable part of our customer base represents returning clients purchasing their second or third Mifram ramp.

    How to choose a ramp?

    When purchasing a ramp, check out 4 different questions to best select the product you need according to your needs:

    1. Why?

    Why exactly do you need a ramp? What is the specific purpose? Unloading or loading, carrying or moving from place to place, etc.

    This is a rule of thumb since in the end this amazing tool is designed to make it easier for you and improve your performance in the work environment, there is no point in purchasing a ramp that does not meet the required needs.

    2. Where?

    The location selection is an important part of the process and it is desirable to plan ahead before choosing the ramp.

    Where will the ramp be located? Do you have a discharge dock? How much space do you have in your area for the ramp? Is a portable ramp needed? and so’.?

    3. What?

    Choosing the right ramp – size does matter! In this case, too, the weight.

    What size ramp do you need? What weight should she carry? It is important to tailor the selection to your individual needs so that you can meet all requirements.

    4. How much?

    Before choosing it is important that you ask yourself what total budget you have for the ramp?

    This section should be carefully considered, it is advisable to check the existing price range before estimating the budget and remember that a good investment is a long-term investment.

    Ramps that look cheap on a purchase can do damage later, and conversely, ramps that look expensive on a purchase tend to return investment fairly quickly

    More reasons for choosing Mifram’s ramp


    • “Hovering nose” – during the loading process of a 20’’ containers on a truck, normally there would be a gap between the back of the truck and the threshold of the ramp. This gap ranges between 20 to 140 centimeters. In order to tackle this issue, the Miframp has an advanced constructive “nose” that “hovers” above the truck chassis (or pull-trailer, or any other truck) and enters into the container. The length of the nose is adapted to any loading mode, and it serves as a permanent bridge thereby preventing the situation where the forklift’s forks falters on planks between the ramp and the container.
    • Protecting the forklift’s tiresthe Miframp was built in a way that prevents the forklift operator from making errors when entering into the container – rounded “guides” are placed at the tip of the “nose”, which guide the forklift’s wheels and do not allow them to “climb” beyond the side wall. Those guides are rounded and do not have sharp corners so they cannot damage the forklift’s tires.
    • Lower fuel consumption and wear and tear – the Miframp has a very moderate slope; therefore, going up the Miframp, reduces the fuel consumption and significantly reduces the tires’ wear and tear; due to the moderate slope, going down the ramp the forklift operator needs to use the brakers less often. The moderate slop enables continuous work with minimum effort to the equipment and saves significantly in terms of fuel, operating expenses and wear and tear.
    • Door to Door 20’’ – When unloading two trailers, one can place the Miframp at both sides of the trailers or pull-trailer (or any other vehicle) while using the Miframp’s jacks, without loading the truck’s trailer.
    • Structurally sound – the Miframp is built from high-quality, strong and flexible steel profiles (IPL) with only two welded links; this achieves higher stability and loading capacity. The uninterrupted flow of forces and the small number of welded components ensure high resistance to any stress cracks (caused from metal fatigue and vibrations). In addition, we reinforced any point where there is a high concentration of efforts in order to offset the future failure point. Therefore, ramps manufactured by Mifram last tens of yeas, and we have documented evidence of that.
    • Maximum docking in a minimum amount of timeadvanced tying and docking fittings allow quick and simple tying and docking and efficient work at the highest safety level.
    • Finish – the ramp undergoes rust prevention treatment, including painting in accordance with a specification that ensure high durability over many years.
    • Warranty – Mifram undertakes to fixed any defects stemming from the manufacturing process of the Miframp for a one-year period from supply date (excluding damages due to accidents).
    • Standards – The Miframp is in compliance with stringent transportation standards and other required standards. Mifram has authorization to manufacture bridges and trailers from the Ministry of Labor and is supervised by the Standards Institute of Israel. All ramps Mifram manufactures are delivered to the client with a certificate confirming that they were tested by a person duly authorized by the Ministry of Labor (for not extra cost).
    • Bespoke Miframp – in addition to the MARC-C model, Mifram manufacture bespoke Miframps. Thus, for example, Mifram manufactures Miframps unique Miframps based on a special specification. So far, we manufactured Mifarmps to ports and other entities and for weights in excess of 60 tons and widths in excess of five meters.
    • Non-slip surface – the Miframp’s surface is adapted to the forklift’s tires, the surface and the tires function like a rack cog-wheels. The forklift’s tires grip the surface (in accordance with the standard grooves of forklift tires), so one can use it safely with no danger of slipping. This additional feature increases the safety of the forklift operator and allows efficient and fast work pace – even when it rains). Other types of ramps do not provide such safety when it rains, since the forklift does not have the much-needed grip and it simply slips.
    • Upgrade for especially challenging surfaces – the Miframp’s wheels can be upgraded to steel-made wheels – for travelling on surfaces causing increased wear and tear. In addition, clients can receive additional wheels suitable for use on sandstone roads.
    • Smooth travelling in slopes – the ramp was planned to allow smooth travelling on moderate slops, which made it the highest selling ramp in Israel. In some sectors, such as ceramics and sanitary ware, the Miframp reduced damages caused in unloading to a negligible level. Therefore, almost all ceramics importers only work with Mifram’s ramp.
    • Maneuvering space – the long and wide maneuvering space allows most forklifts exit the container with cargo at a height which is very close to the height of the container and leave the container before engaging the slope (which raises the cargo). This allows factories that import containers full almost to the brim (containing tea, tobacco and more) to benefit from fast and efficient trans shifting without damaging the goods on the pallets.


    Expert guidance and assistance. In both planning and execution