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As an international contractor or supplier, you’ll be well aware of the mandatory tender regulations, monitored and enforced by Israel’s Industrial Cooperation Authority. These require that a percentage of any tender with a value of more than 5,000,000$ be spent in Israel on services or products.
ICA guidelines state:

  • Industrial Cooperation (IC) requirements apply to both military and civil contracts
  • Threshold – any sales contract valued above $5,000,000
  • 20 % of IC is required in civil procurements from GPA Member Countries, 35% from any other country.
  • A minimum 50% of contract value of IC is required in military procurements.
  • IC activities to contain at least 35% Israeli local content.

Israel’s requirements are by no means unique; offset barter is an accepted part of major international projects and can work to the benefit of all involved. But what happens if a company, for whatever reason, fails to meet its ICA requirements? In plain terms, that company’s chances of winning further tenders in Israel could be adversely affected.

Mifram – over 50 years’ experience at your service

Founded in 1962, Mifram has worked with some of the largest bodies in Israel such as the IDF, the Electric Authority, the Israel Ports Authority, Elbit, Israeli Aircraft Industries, Israel Military Industries, Mekorot Water Authority, Rafael and others. The company has also worked on major projects for the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp., the FBI, the Japanese Army, the United Nations, many foreign security and law enforcement agencies and companies such as Bechtel, Ratheon, KBR and many more. Its vast store of knowledge, its in-depth knowledge of Israel’s industrial and commercial sectors, its close ties with manufacturers and suppliers, not just in Israel but in many countries across the globe, make it the ideal partner in your search for offset barter outlets.

How Mifram’s expertise will work for you?

  • Mifram can find you potential suppliers of products, materials, services inside Israel, optimizing supply and technical demands to your requirements.
  • We can find you the best professionals, workmen and craftsmen possible – engineers, metal forgers, welders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, construction engineers and workers. Whatever you need for your project – we can find it for you.
  • Mifram has been closely involved with many of the major projects that have shaped Israel’s industrial, commercial and military sectors. Our teams of designers, engineers and skilled workmen have worked on-site with foreign experts and are well aware of the need to meet often exacting specifications and standards and a tight adherence to instructions and guidelines.
  • We can produce, here in Israel, parts to the most exact specifications – and at a cost that is far less than the cost of manufacturing the same part abroad and shipping to Israel.
  • If you are also involved in projects in other parts of the region, we can produce parts for those projects and ship them via sea or overland through Jordan and Egypt, saving you, not only production costs but also up to two months shipping time.
  • Israel is one of the few nations with Free Trade Agreements with Europe, the United States, Canada and Mexico – yet another advantage to working through Mifram.
  • Mifram can operate as an integrator for various suppliers and manufacturers. The company can provide a wide range of solutions for turn-key projects or any other method required by the client
  • We have been involved in development, erection, maintenance, relocation of many plants and factories as well as large scale repair and rehabilitation projects following fire or other disaster.
  • Our teams of highly skilled and trained professionals can act as your representative on projects in Israel and abroad, ensuring that everything is executed to your specifications and to the very highest of standards. What’s more, using an Israeli company, which employs Israeli labor means you enjoy an additional “bonus” – the Israeli work week is longer and Israeli pay scales are significantly lower than those of Europe and the US. This gives you greater output with less overtime and significantly lowered costs.
  • Because we are a major military and civil engineering company in our own right – we understand your technical needs, your requirements and your specifications. Our experience in extreme conditions gives us the unique ability to maintain your standards (and ours) to fit the location, the terrain, the geo-political status and the cultural differences that can impact your project
  • We will never compromise on quality to get the job done quicker or cut costs. Our reputation is built on our history of success and our clients satisfaction.

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