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Dry storage

Storage solutions for military, commercial and automotive equipment

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Mifram is engaged in civil engineering and is registered as a contractor with the Registrar of Contractors

Mifram erects residential buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings, swimming pools, water reservoirs, infrastructure and development projects and more.

Mifram imports structures and installs them in accordance with the client’s requirements while enabling a Signiant saving of time, at attractive costs and where needed in combination with long-term financing. 

Among other things, Mifram combines between imported structures and civil engineering infrastructures executed by the Company itself.

Mifram specializes in the field of hard-shell dry storage structures and industrialized refrigeration facilities, which are built using the worlds’ most advanced sealing technologies, for clients such as the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Electric Corporation and others.

Dry storage – maintenance and moisture control systems

The Mifram Dry Storage Building was designed to store both military and commercial equipment, and vehicles. The system offers total protection against corrosion, equipment degradation and moisture induced function failure radically reducing maintenance by maintaining operational readiness.

Storge facilities are scalable to accomodate tanks, APVS, mobile cannons, missiles, including associated ammunitions, radar, optical, electronics and weapons.

Vehicles, machinery, and associated systems can be stored in a dry storage building for a period of up to two years with out the requirement for periodic maintenance. The IOR is dependent on a number of factors, including the costs of the specific vehicle, machine, manpower, and periodic maintenance. Subsequently, the lifecyloe of the equipment is prologed positively impacting cost reductions.

Optional Monitoring Devices:

  • Fire detection.
  • Intrusion detection.
  • Hydrogen level.

What does a Storage Shed do?

Your machinery not only stays clean, it preserves paint, protects rubber parts, and keeps disc brakes shiny and rust-free because ultraviolet light, ozone, and fresh air with oxygen and moisture have been eliminated from the storage environment.

You need a Storage Shed if..

  • Your machinery sweats during storage.
  • You want to keep your Vehicles and machinery clean and operationally ready.
  • You need to reduce corrosion on your Vehicles/machinery.


Principles Of The Dry Storage Concept

The Shed is a barrier to humidity (moisture) and dirt. The challenge of removing humidity was accomplished by installing custom designed dehumidifiers and average humidity levels are kept below 35%RH. The lack of moisture, dust, and dirt ensures that vehicles and equipment are removed in the same condition as when they originally stored. In addition, temperature is controlled using a sophisticated, insulation system.

Vehicle batteries are fully serviced by a pre-determined monitoring schedule and automatic charging. Battery condition, humidity and temperature levels are first available on a monitor outside each shed and can be easily documented for vehicle maintenance records and this data can be transmitted to a central location for electronic storage.


Clean rooms

Designing and erecting clean rooms including integrating systems in accordance with client’s needs. Designing and erecting clean rooms, including erecting clean rooms from advanced materials within short periods of time, supplying and installing air condition and airflow systems, including an integrated control system, installing electricity and gas systems as per the client’s requirements, supplying furniture as per client’s requirements and trial-running of systems and as made plans.


Cost consideration

The Mifram Dry Storage Building allows for a direct reduction of requirements for skilled and non-skilled personnel at a base-unit level resulting in an average reduction of 60% less regular maintenance.


We commit to

  • Short delivery times
  • Integrating into any existing architectural design.
  • Full compliance with local and international standards. 

Expert guidance and assistance. In both planning and execution