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Establishment of factories and public buildings

Erection of plants, sports halls and public buildings

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Mifram executes Turnkey projects, and is involved in the planning, design and execution of those projects.

Mifram is engaged in the erection of plant and buildings in many industrial sectors. Mifram executes turnkey projects and is involved in the planning, design and execution of civil engineering works, electricity, services, construction, licensing, procurement, and system operation until it is delivered to the client.

Since it was founded in 1962 Mifram was involved in a wide range of project and gained skill and experience in the erection of plant (including equipment) in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Military industries
  • Energy, fuel, petrochemical, electrochemical, and other industries
  • Hi-Tech and electronics
  • Steel, profiles, machining and thermal processing industries
  • Wood and wood products industries
  • Paper and paper products industries.
  • Rubber and plastic industries
  • Textiles and non-woven fabrics industries
  • Agriculture and agricultural products industries
  • Food, beverage, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruit processing, refrigeration, baking, and other industries
  • Recycling and treatment of municipal waste, steel, paper, water purification, hazardous stuff, and other industries

Wide accumulated experience, combined with highly skilled staff, are Mifram’s tools for achieving high order projects, with the highest performance level and maximum reliance.

Mifram has many years’ worth of experience in the erection of upgrading of sports facilities. 

The Company’s first project in this field was the erection of the Na’aman sports hall in the area of kibbutz Ein Ha’Mifratz.

The building was built tens of years ago using unique and advanced technology and building method.

Over the years, the hall was used for many sports events, specifically basketball and volleyball.

The Company built many sports halls in IDF bases as well as upgrading and roofing of existing sports court. Since its first project, Mifram built many sports halls to the highest standard, and always delivering on time.

The Company’s advantage as a one-stop shop employing highly skilled and highly experienced professionals is reflected in the sports halls it delivers to its clients, which always receive a finish level that suits the level of the hall.

Expert guidance and assistance. In both planning and execution