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Recycling and Ecology

45 years of experience in making the country ecologically cleaner

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Mifram has been dealing with waste disposal and recycling since 1972. Among the various projects performed, we are proud to include:

  • 1972: Erection of the domestic waste recycling facility at the Western Galilee Compost Plant, using the “Dano” system, later on improving the system in 1974 and adapting it to local municipal waste.
  • 1976-1979: Works for the oil shale combustion facility and cotton shale combustion for energy conversion, in Southern Israel and at Migdal Ha’Emek (in the North).
  • 1980: Waste recycling facility relocation from Jerusalem to the Compost-Na’aman plant.
  • 1983-1985: Erection of a sewage treatment facility at Pri-Ha’Emek and Pri-Nir plants.
  • As of 1987: Ecology consultants to municipal authorities.
  • 1994: Overhaul of a huge digester at the Haifa sewage treatment facility.
  • 1994: Erection of Israeli first waste sorting and recycling plant, at the Compost-Na’aman facility.
  • 1995: Erection of a facility for recycling cars and metal scraps into raw materials for the building industry, at the Na’aman United Steel Complex.
  • 1995: Prepare strategic work plan on behalf of the Portuguese government, including a 5-year master plan to adapt the country’s waste management system to E.E.C. requirements.
  • 1996: Consultants for Kibbutz Evron landfill facilities, and for Israel’s first hazardous materials incineration facility at Ramat Hovav.
  • 1998: Contestation plant of 10,000 m at 450 t.p.d., including leachate disposal system at the Nuclear Research Centre, in the Haifa area.
  • 2000: Manufacture and install a new compost furnace at the Nuclear Research Centre plant.

Import, marketing and sales of waste disposal and recycling industry equipment, including
after-sales technical support services.

Mifram is the authorized as the exclusive representative of several firms specializing in the protection of the environment and ecology solutions, as well as for items of equipment essential to the recycling industry.